What to do

Welcome to the sideshow--the title is stolen from a Todd Snider song


We all know that the elected President is an uncouth jerk who lacks almost every quality required for the leader of a democratic society.  I’m tired of talking about him.  As our country moves toward a crude and corrupt amalgam of self-aggrandizement and oligarchical self-enrichment, I become ever more sure  that we have to find a way to contain the capricious and dangerous occupant of the Oval Office.  I am weary of being angry and searching for answers to the question, “What, as one individual, can I do.” 

While the notion of impeachment has a certain appeal, clearly nothing will happen as long as the Republican majority in Congress and the Senate continue their support of the President.  His removal from office will only come, I believe, as a result of the next presidential election (unless his involvement in criminal overnmentmoney laundering is discovered).  But to prevent further damage to our nation and its democratic government, the elected representatives who enable and support him need to be removed from office.  So, what can I do?  I can and will support and vote for my current Congressman and for the Connecticut Senator who is coming up for re-election, but that changes nothing for they are already clear in their opposition to the excesses of the current regime. 

How do I and other concerned citizens reach out to people from other states and convince them of the danger Trump and his GOP supporters pose to our democratic institutions?  How do we combat the destructive influence of the Citizens United decision? 

Suggestions?  Please post.